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Can I Turn Off My Hot Water Recirculating Pump? [Answered]

Do we keep the flames on after cooking? We don’t. We turn it off because it will waste gas. A water recirculating pump is also similar to this. When we don’t have to use it, why keep it on?

Now, that comes to the question, can I turn off my hot water recirculating pump?

Yes, you can turn off your hot water recirculating pump. Solutions like-  unplugging it, using a timer and using wifi sockets are convenient. Make sure to follow the required instructions before and after you’ve turned it off for your safety.

Do you want to know the details? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hop in!

Can You Turn It off Yourself?

Yes, you can turn it off by yourself. It’s really an easy task to do. All you have to know is how to turn it off. There are several ways to do it. These processes are so easy that you can even install a water recirculating pump by yourself!    

How To Turn Off A Water Recirculating Pump?

Turning off the water recirculating pump isn’t a big deal. But, making sure you’re doing it the right way is important. You can turn off the recirculating pump in various ways. You just have to unplug the pump, and it will be turned off.

Purchasing a timer will also fix the problem. You just have to set the timer as you use it.  

There are more options, for example- you can buy a wifi socket. It will make your water recirculating pump much smarter.

Timers and wifi sockets are quite cheap. It is affordable and can easily fix your problem.  Grundfos water recirculation pump may troubleshoot sometimes. If you’re using this pump and can’t fix it yourself, you can call a professional mechanic to fix it.   

Apart from that, you can easily turn it on/off on your mobile whenever you wish.

We have some suggestions for you if you want to buy the best wifi sockets.

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Now you have your socket, turn it off/on whenever you want!

Why It’s Important To Turn Off The Water Recirculating Pump?

Turning off your water recirculating pump reduces damage. Now, you have to know the “hows” for reducing damage.

Well, If you overuse your pump, it will start malfunctioning. You will not get hot water instantly. It can also damage your main water heater and can create recirculation problems. You certainly don’t want that, do you? 

Overusing your recirculating pump also increases your electricity bill. It also increases the gas bill. Use your pump when you want to use it. Otherwise, turn it off.

That’s why turning off your pump is important when you’re not using it.     

Things To Keep In Mind

When it’s time to work with a recirculating pump, you should follow some instructions to avoid further hassles.

  •  While there’s no water in the pump, do not turn on the recirculating pump. Turn off your main water valve if you are going on vacation. Also, turn off the water heater, and recirculate the pump. Otherwise, this will cause the shut-off valve to get damaged. And replacing the shut off valve could cost you more.
  • If you have come back from a vacation, first turn on the main water valve. Then turn on the heater and then your pump. Check if there is any gas leakage before turning it on after a couple of days.  

And that’s a wrap! We’ve tried to include every concern you might have regarding turning off the water recirculating pump. Make sure to follow our instructions properly for the right application.

On a side note, if your Grundfos circulating pump is making sounds, it may have air locks or installation problems. You can also identify and fix them yourself.


Question: How is a water recirculating pump eco-friendly?
Answer: The basic reason is, water recirculating pumps save water. If we don’t use it, we waste a lot of water. Because a water recirculating pump provides us instant hot water. We have to keep the valve on and slowly hot water comes out. The pump saves this cold water and recirculates it in the hot water. So, saving water is the main reason for calling a recirculation pump eco-friendly. 

Question: Can a recirculating pump last for 10-15 years?
Answer: If you use it properly, it should last at least 10-15 years. After using this amount of time, hardware gets old and starts to malfunction.

Question: How much does it cost to buy a water recirculating pump?

Answer: It really depends on your model type. But, you can buy a new recirculating pump for $200-400.      


That’s all for today. Your question, “can I turn off my hot water pump?” has been answered. Not only that, by now you should know how to turn it off and why it’s important to do so.

Make sure to follow the instructions before and after you turn off the pump. 

We hope we were able to help you out with our guide. Take care!