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Two Way Switch Not Working: 2 Reasons & Simple Solutions

You wanted to control a single device from two different locations. That’s why you’ve installed a two way switch just a few days back. But you see that it’s getting you stressed. Because this switch just stopped working!

Why is the two way switch not working?

There are basically 2 main reasons behind this issue. A loose connection of the switch is the primary reason for this issue. Not only this but wiring the switch wrongly is also a reason. Fortunately, these issues have simple solutions that you can follow to solve the problem.

Don’t stop reading here. Because this information is inadequate for you to get the whole part. We’ve gathered all the info in detail. 

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How To Tell If A Two Way Switch Is Bad

Two Way Switch Not Working: 2 Reasons & Simple Solutions 1

The first symptom of a bad switch is showing abnormal signs. That is, you might see the appliance doesn’t turn on/off, although it’s fine. Rather it’s the issue with your switch.

Besides, there are some other indications of a faulty light switch, which are obvious too. For example, when you turn the switch, you might hear a snap or crackle. In that instance, it’s clear that the switch is faulty. 

In addition, you might see another symptom. That is, you might lose the power of one leg.

These are just the indications. But to solve the issue, you have to know the reasons. In the next section, we’ve mentioned two causes for you to check out. 

2 Reasons Why The Two Way Switch Stopped Working

Two Way Switch Not Working: 2 Reasons & Simple Solutions 2

You’ve already got a brief idea about the reasons for this issue. But you need to go through them in detail to fix the issue. 

That’s why the reasons are given below along with the solutions-

Reason 1: Loose Connections

One of the quite common reasons for this issue is loose connections. Typically, connections that are loose cause the wire to cease to function. 

For two-way light switches to turn on, they must be turned in a specific direction. The direction is not too complex but simply explained in the packets of the switch. Because the connection is intermittent when the switch is left in this orientation. 


Check the two-way switch boxes to start troubleshooting. After that, look for any splices that are loose. Or search for a loose switch terminal. 

You must also see if the common wire is hot or neutral. Because you need to install the wire properly. 

Since hot and neutral wires have different functions, these wires have to be distinguished. Furthermore, any wire in the box, regardless of color, could be the source of the problem.

The wires connecting to the switches through the little push-in holes may be visible. You can refit the connections using the screws on the sides of the switches. 

But remember one thing! That is, while working with the wiring connections, wear safety goggles. These would prevent your eyes from directly coming in contact with the electric sparks.

Not sure what would be the best goggles to use for it?

Well, no worries! Because we’ve got a few suggestions here!

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These are the products you can easily trust. Because these products never disappoint.

Remember another thing! That is, make sure to take help from the experts for this amendment. Because electricity can be extremely hazardous. 

A loose connection is a common cause of electric shock at home. If you didn’t know, electric shock can cause damage to your body.

Reason 2: Wiring The Switch Incorrectly

Wiring the switch wrongly is quite a common issue while the installation. To begin with this issue, the switch connected to the neutral wire is common. 

Because the switch will not have a power supply in that situation. As a result, it would be unable to take the order to turn on or off.

Plus wiring the switch in the wrong way can create additional hazards. That is, touching the switch might shock you for the wrong wiring. 

Not only that but it would also create short circuits. This can eventually create more difficulties. 

Plus this can also disrupt the shower isolator switch. Because connecting the wire of any switch incorrectly can result in difficulties with other switches.


This problem is a serious issue and needs to be fixed as soon as it’s recognized. To fix this, you must contact expert electricians. 

Make sure you don’t take any steps regarding this mechanism yourself. Because dealing with the electrical wires is quite dangerous as you already know.

These are the reasons and solutions for this issue of a two way switch.


Question: Is a 2-way switch better than an ordinary switch?

Answer: The two-way switch functions as two switches that control the same appliance. This is a two-switch configuration for a single appliance. Staircase case lighting is usually done using two-way switches. Furthermore, these are also utilized to operate other lightning systems from two distinct locations. So, a two way switch is better than an ordinary switch in some cases.

Question: Is two way the same as the three-way switch?

Answer: SPDT switches are found in both two and three-way configurations. But three-way switches contain an additional pin known as the grounding pin. On two-way switches, this is not the case. Two-way switches, on the other hand, have two screws, while three-way switches have four. Regardless of this, you can adjust the load with two switches in both circumstances.

Question: What are the terminals on a two way switch?

Answer: Three terminals are commonly labeled COM, L1, and L2 on two-way switches. The COM terminal would be attached to the 3&E’s black core. The brown one, on the other hand, must be attached to L1. The grey one must then be linked to the L2.

Final Words

Now you know why your two way switch is not working! We hope our information is quite simple and easy. 

Good luck with your home improvement!