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Why The Space Heater Plug Gets Hot: 5 Specific Reasons

It can be very frightening when you notice the melted plastic smell from your space heater plug. On top of that, it can turn into a fire hazard. 

Why does the space heater plug gets hot?

There can be several reasons behind the space heater plug getting hot. It could be due to a fault current or a loose connection. The defective cable can also be responsible. It can also happen when you use multiple lines from a single electrical outlet. Or if the wiring of the house is too old. 

Don’t get all blurry about that matter. I have prepared a whole article to clear your head out. Read along with the whole article.

5 Reasons Why Space Heater Plug Gets Hot 

Every day, people utilize electrical gadgets to help them complete home activities swiftly. A device draws power from a domestic electrical outlet via its plug. 

Because some of the energy sent to the device is lost as waste heat. The plug may feel hot to the touch or it may be hard to plugin into an outlet

An overheated plug could endanger you and your home. Space heaters are unique in that sense. You must use a lot of electricity to provide the heat you require.

This implies that the socket and, in certain situations. The cord will become warm. Space heaters should be avoided unless the socket is so scorching that you can’t even hold it. 

Anything that raises the impedance, not to mention the quantity of electricity drawn by the space heater. It has the potential to burn the connection and socket.

If you can feel smoldering plastic. You have an even greater problem on your hands. And that needs to be addressed right away. Otherwise, the space heater could catch fire.

This article goes into detail on why your outlets melt when connected to a space heater. From the construction of a connection to how to change an outlet on your own. It covers everything.

The following are some of the most common causes of a hot space heater cable. 

Reason 1: Because of Short Circuit

In certain circumstances, the problem is caused by a short circuit. In the space heater rather than found to be associated with the plug or outlet. 

The electricity utilized by the space heater can be increased through short circuits. This increases the flow of charge lost as heat.

Reason 2: Because of a Loose Connection

A faulty connection will increase resistance. That requires the space heater to take substantially more current to meet its requirements. 

This increases the amount of electricity wasted as heat. Leading the plug to become so hot that it cannot be touched without being injured.

Reason 3: Because of Faulty Cable

If the cable between the device and the outlet is too short. The space heater will fail to afford all of the energy it requires. The cable and outlet will melt as the pressure rises.

Manufacturers ensure that the wires connecting are strong enough to safely transport electricity. However, every now and then, an appliance receives a cable that is damaged. Or of the incorrect gauge.

Reason 4: Because of Old Plug 

The lobes of the plug can corrode with time. In turn, forming rust or other deposits that increase resistance. This will lead to overheating in the long haul.

Reason 5: Because of Using Multiple Line from A Single Outlet 

Using numerous lines from a single outlet can be risky at times. A space heater uses a significant amount of electricity. That’s why sharing an outlet with a space heater is like sharing an outlet with a refrigerator.  

Because you have overwhelmed the outlet, it will burn. This is something that can occur to customers who rely extensively on power strips. 

What to Do When an Outlet Gets Hot

Don’t panic when you find out your outlet is melting. Here’s what you will need to do. 

Step 1: Switch off The Circuit 

To begin with, you must not let the socket or circuit overheat. When the space heater socket becomes too hot to touch without excessive heat, turn off the power. 

Turn the fuse box off. If the outlet is likewise hot. Alternatively, if you’re frightened to turn the power to the ‘OFF’ mode.

Step 2: Let It Cool 

The power to the outlet will be turned off as a result of overheating. Don’t turn on the power just yet. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before removing it from the outlet. 

An electrician might advise you to put lesser equipment into another outlet. And to observe if the plug turns hot.

Step 3: Call An Electrician 

If it remains cool, you can assume that the problem was with the outlet. But on the other hand, space heaters are very hazardous. You can’t put yourself in danger by connecting them into separate outlets. 

Contact an electrician. To determine the source of the problem, they will examine the furnace, socket, circuit, and cabling in your residence.

How to Prevent Outlet From Getting Hot Or Melted

Check to see if the space heater is connected with electricity. Also, check to see whether the socket is hot. Then you must determine the source of the problem first. Then you can easily solve it. 

Don’t worry, follow these step-by-step instructions to resolve it.

Step 1: Replacing  Dated Wiring

Because the wiring in older homes is also older. Sockets are far more prone to overheating. It’s stretched out, in other words.

Wiring that is worn out might produce arcing in addition to increased resistance.

 Especially if you have a powerful appliance, such as a space heater.

The obvious option is to replace both the wiring and the outlets. If you live in an old farmhouse, this procedure could be quite costly. However, the cost of protecting your home’s occupants is well worth it.

Here are some of the top-quality wires that you can try to wire to your house:

Product 01 
Product 02 

These wires will be a good deal for you.

Step 2: Avoiding More Than One Line From A Single Outlet

Using numerous lines from a single outlet can be risky at times. That is why you should avoid running numerous lines from a single outlet. You should designate a separate outlet for a space heater.

Also, you can use a tamper-resistant outlet, sometimes it can be hard to plug in a temper resistance outlet. 

Step 3: Fixing Sloppy Connection

Weak connections in outlets can be just as dangerous as sloppy connections in plugs. A circuit breaker is intended to guard against such issues. However, if it does not work properly, an outlet with weak connections could cause a fire. You can either patch the frayed wires or remove them.  Depending on the severity of the problem. Alternatively, you might replace the plug.


Question: Is it possible for an outlet to catch fire if nothing is connected to it?

Answer: This could catch fire even if nothing is connected to the outlet. Aluminum-wired dwellings are susceptible to this. Aluminum wire was used in your home if it was built more than 50 years ago.

Question: Why did my outlet give me a shock?

Answer: Electrical currents become unstable when an appliance’s circuit gets damaged. This also occurs for frayed wire or for broken cords. When you plug one in, the erratic energy might damage your appliance and even shock you.

Question: Where to place a space heater?

Answer: Heaters work best when installed beneath windows. Check If you have enough room for panel heaters. If not, you may go for lower and longer wall strip panel heaters. You may avoid chilly draughts along the floor by putting heaters under the windows. It will warm up cold air dropping from the window glass.

Bottom Line 

Thanks for tagging us with us till the finish line. Hope now you are sure about why the space heater plug gets hot.

Repairing the outlet can be a difficult task for you. If you find it very difficult then you can hire a professional. 

Best of luck!