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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyurethane [Explained]

It’s normal-appearing wrinkles in your polyurethane leather because it gets old, damaged, and overstretched sometimes. But wrinkles can be fixed.

How to get wrinkles out of polyurethane?

Clean the wrinkled area and dry it properly. Use a hairdryer with maximum heat and move it back and forth on the leather without stopping anywhere. Use some moisturizer. Iron can also be used in minimum heat and brown paper. While using the handheld steamer it should be 4 inches above the leather.

For further details continue reading and hope it will answer all your questions.

What Exactly is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is an innovative polymer that is widely used. The short form of polyurethane is PU. It can be given any shape that is soft or hard which makes it preferable to use. Usually, wrinkles are not seen in PU that is given a hard shape or too soft shape. 

Wrinkles are seen in PU leather or also known as synthetic leather. It is an artificial material. It does not involve any animal that is the main point of the product.

If you want a good first impression the last thing you want in your clothes is wrinkles. It can ruin an important appointment and also make you underconfident.

Why Wrinkles Develop in Your PU Leather

There are many reasons for PU leather to get wrinkled. One of them is getting old.

It does get old just like you. When it gets old wrinkles to appear.

If it is used in furniture seats, wrinkles can come because of the foam seat being too soft. If a seat is too soft then it’s normal for the leather cover to get wrinkles. It’s often called puddling.

Leather jackets can get wrinkles very easily. If it is allowed to crease, fold or move out of shape wrinkles can form on leather. In a word, slack is not good when it comes to taking care of leather. 

But you have to remember even if you take care properly there will be times when it develops wrinkles.

If the leather gets overstretched or shrunk wrinkles might come out of the leather.

Getting Wrinkles Out of Polyurethane Materials

The most common way of getting wrinkles out of all types of polyurethane is to steam the material. This will give your object extra moisture and reduce wrinkles.

Now, let’s start knowing the ways of removing wrinkles from different PU objects.

From Leather Couch

First step is to clean the leather around the wrinkles. You can use soap, detergent, or a specific cleaner made for that fabric in particular. After cleaning make sure it is dried perfectly. 

Secondly, we have to take a hairdryer and select the hottest heat possible. After that move the hairdryer back and forth without pausing too long in any place. If you pause anywhere it may burn the leather. This method can also be used to remove wrinkles from tablecloths.

Then wait for the wrinkles to disappear and use a leather conditioner to moisten the leather material.

From Leather Seat

Here you can use the same process used for the leather couch. Iron can be used instead of a hair dryer at the lowest heat possible. Don’t apply the iron directly to the leather. 

It might burn the leather. Just use brown paper in between the iron and leather. After that use the iron in minimum heat and not stop in any particular place. 

You can also use a steamer but you have to be brave enough because it can easily burn the leather. You can also get rid of mold from leather car seats like this.

From Leather Shoes

Wrinkles can occur even in your PU leather shoes. You can also get them out using simple techniques. Iron can also be used in removing wrinkles in shoes. 

First, you need to put something inside the shoe first otherwise the shoe might lose its shape. Put something between the iron and shoe for the leather not to melt. After that use some moisturizer over the wrinkles and iron away using low heat.

You can also use a hairdryer instead of iron or there is a time-consuming way that is massaging the leather with oil. Just a few drops on the wrinkles will soften it up.

From Leather Jacket

Using a handheld steamer is a good way of getting wrinkles out of a leather jacket. You need to hold the steamer 4 inches above the jacket and move back and forward without pausing anywhere. 

For getting wrinkles out use these clothes steamers that are given in the table:

Product 1
Product 2

You need to use steam both inside and outside to make sure the wrinkles fully get out. Now wipe some moisture on the jacket for better results.

You can also use vinegar to remove wrinkles from your clothes.

Preventing Wrinkles On PU Leather Jacket

There are a few short steps that can stop the wrinkles or slow down the wrinkling process on your PU leather Jacket. If you follow them you might be able to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Method 1: Using Quality Hangers

Using a quality hanger can help your jacket to last long. A hanger that has a wide shoulder will keep the jacket in good shape and it will stretch less.

Method 2: Using an Extra Garment Bag

While traveling we often put our leather jacket in a bag with all other clothes. Here the jacket gets a narrow little place or sometimes it gets folded which may create wrinkles. 

If we carry an extra garment bag for our leather jacket it will get enough space and won’t get folded which will prevent wrinkles.

Method 3: Conditioning the Jacket

Conditioning your jacket is a vital part to prevent wrinkles and for that, you need to know the proper way to condition your jacket.

Usually, wrinkles appear when your jacket is dry and unnourished. 

When we apply moisturizer the jacket won’t get dry enough to get wrinkles. Ensuring the jacket is properly cleaned can also prevent wrinkles.


Question: How do you soften your leather jacket?

Answer: To soften your leather jacket you need to rub a conditioner into your jacket. It’s the best option to keep it soft. Or you can dab alcohol using a cotton pad.

Question: How do you tighten leather?

Answer: For this, the easiest approach is to soak the leather in water and dry it in the sun or with the help of a hairdryer. The combination of moisture and heat will tighten up the leather.

Question: Why does leather wrinkle?

Answer: Leather has elastic properties. When it gets overstretched, wrinkles appear. It may also show when the clothes are old. Dryness can also be a reason for wrinkles.


That’s all we had to say about how to get wrinkles out of polyurethane. Hope you found all the processes you need to get wrinkles out.

If you still fail to get the wrinkles out please contact a professional who might be able to help you.

Good luck with fixing the wrinkles!