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How to Hang a Wreath on a Mirror: Learn with an Expert!

You probably always hang wreaths on your doors and windows. Now you want to try hanging one in a mirror but don’t know what’s the best way of doing it?

How to hang a wreath on a mirror?

If your mirror doesn’t have a hanging wire at the back, attach an adhesive hook there in an upside-down position. Position your wreath on the mirror. Then use a portion of monofilament thread to make a loop around the top of your wreath. Tie up the wreath to the hanging wire or the hook at the back.

But this isn’t the only method and there are more details to it. Want to know all about it? Then keep reading!

How to Hang a Wreath on a Mirror? Tell All!

Hanging a wreath in your hallway or living room is one of the best ways to give your home a festive look. 

You can make different changes to your mirror frame to make your wreath hanging process more convenient. But it’s best to do it in such a way that no permanent change or damage is done to your mirror. 

I’ll tell you the exact ways of doing it in two well-explained steps. So, let’s jump in!

Step 1: Select an Appropriate Mirror and Inspect it

For hanging a wreath, it’s best to select a mirror that’s bigger than your wreath and solely used for decorative purposes. Your wreath will look prettier on a mirror that’s more artistically designed. Like an antique design mirror.

After selecting your mirror, check its back to see in what system it’s hung on the wall. It’s either hung by a hanging wire at the top-middle side or by two rings at the top two corners in the back.

If it’s hung by a hanging wire, then your mirror is ready for the next step. But even if it’s not, don’t worry. Just attach an adhesive hook upside down in that place. That’ll do the job.

Step 2: Use a Monofilament Thread or Decorative Ribbon to Hang the Wreath

To hang your wreath, first position it on the mirror right below the top or at the center of the mirror. Whatever the shape – square, rectangle, circle, or an oval-shaped mirror, the best position to hang a wreath is the center.

Cut out a portion of your monofilament thread and make a loop around the top part of your wreath. Then tie the two ends of the thread to the hanging wire or the adhesive hook. This will make your wreath look seamlessly hanging from afar.

But you can do the same thing using a decorative ribbon to make it look more gorgeous. You can use the ribbon only instead of the thread or use it on top of the thread. 

The ribbon should have a width of about 2 inches and choose a color that goes well with the components of your wreath. 

The trick is to use a light-colored ribbon if your wreath is dark-colored. Dark or subtle colored ribbon for bright wreaths.

If you decide to use the ribbon on top of the transparent monofilament thread, then instead of tying it at the back, you can make a bow at the top of the mirror. This way you can make it look more attractive and also secure your wreath more strongly if it’s too heavy.

That’s it! You’ve successfully hung a wreath on your mirror.

Alternate Method

If you want to make your wreath look even more seamlessly hanging, then I have an alternative for you.

You can use an adhesive hook or wreath hanger at the front side of your mirror and hang your wreath directly on that. It’ll make your wreath look like it’s hanging mid-air without any support.

But this is only applicable if your wreath is small-sized and really lightweight. Because adhesive hangers are not capable of holding heavy items. 

You can use this simple method not only for your decorative mirrors but also for a distorted mirror that you’re too lazy to fix.

Here are some of the adhesive wreath hangers that are currently trending in the market:

Product 1
Product 2

These are comparatively more durable than the other adhesive wreath hangers out there.

On a side note, the next time you remodel your house. You can hang plastic sheeting from the ceiling to protect it from dust and rain.


If your mirror is too high up on the wall, it’s better if you remove the mirror from the wall to hang a wreath. Otherwise, you may accidentally fall while trying to hang a wreath using a ladder or a chair.

Take someone else’s help while removing or hanging the mirror back on the wall. It could be too heavy for you.

Check your wreath properly before hanging it on the mirror. If you find anything sharp or pointed, wrap it up using tape. Or else your mirror can get scratched and ruined.

If you can hang a pennant on a wall, then hanging a wreath is simple for you. It’s all a matter of following the steps correctly.

That’s all! 


Question: What are the best indoor spots for hanging wreaths?

Answer: You can hang wreaths anywhere in your home. But the best places for it are the hallway, living room, and bedroom.

Question: What kind of wire is used for making wreaths?

Answer: Paddle wire, mostly of green color, is used for making wreaths and different floral projects.

Question: Can I hang wreaths throughout the year?

Answer: Wreaths are not only for the fall or the holiday season. You can hang them throughout the year using seasonal wreaths, dried wreaths, or artificial wreaths.


That’s all there is regarding how to hang a wreath on a mirror. I hope our methods and steps helped you to hang a wreath on a mirror and turn out the way you wanted it to look.

If you find our DIY information helpful, stick with us for more!