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How To Make Plaster For Walls [4 Easy & Effective Methods]

If you are planning to do the renovation work of your walls by yourself, afraid not. You have made a very wise decision. And making plaster for walls is one easy job that can be done by yourself easily.

How to make plaster for walls?

Plaster can be made by yourself by following some easy methods. You can make it by using white glue, clay soil, plaster of paris or white flour. You can use any of these 4 methods to do the job. Using plaster of paris is the easiest among them to make plaster at home.

Now let’s dive into the detailed article to know briefly about all these methods!

Making Homemade Plaster For Walls

Renovating your walls by yourself instead of calling a professional can be satisfying sometimes. And yes you can easily make plaster for your walls.

Plaster can be very important while renovating walls. It helps to give your walls a smooth finish and that makes the painting job easier. 

You will need some basic products. You can make plaster in 4 different ways. White glue, white flour, paris powder and clay are the 4 different ingredients for 4 different ways.

You might also think of drywall instead of plaster. For Drywall vs Plaster you can go through this mentioned article.

Method:1 Using Glue to make Plaster

Using glue to make plaster is one of the easiest ways to do so. But it will take a longer time to dry when applied on walls. Let’s get into the easy methods-

Things you’ll need

  1. Warm water
  2. White glue
  3. Spatula
  4. Bowl      


  1. Take 3 cups of water and heat them to 38 degrees Celsius.
  2. Take a mixing bowl and then mix two cups of glue and one cup or warm water. Blend this mixture again and again using spatula. Try to make it a soupy kind of mixture. Keep pouring water until it becomes soupy.
  3. Start working with the plaster as soon as it gets a soupy consistency. 
  4. This glue made plaster will take almost 48-72 hours to dry completely. So have patience.

Method 2: Using Flour to Make Plaster

Another easy way to make plaster is by using flour. Using this plaster will take around two days to set through. 

Things you’ll need

  1. White flour
  2. Water
  3. Spatula
  4. Bowl


  1. Take 1 cup of water and heat the water to 38 degrees Celsius.
  2. Mix two cups of white flour with the warm water in a mixing bowl. Don’t pour the water all together. Pour it as steadily as possible. Then mix them with the spatula.
  3. Keep blending the mixture until all the lump is gone. The density of the plaster should be kind of thick but not hard to blend. You can keep adding flour or water to have that perfect density.
  4. Don’t forget to use the plaster right after you make it. Use it in 10 minutes after you make it.
  5. After using it on the walls, it will take almost 48 hours to completely set through.

If you are looking to paint it afterwards you can not use white paint as primer. Try different colors for that.

Method 3: Using Paris Powder To Make Plaster

Using paris powder is probably the easiest way among all of them to make plaster. You just buy a paris powder from the market and work according to the instructions given on the packet. 

Well, we will talk about the full process-

Things you’ll need

  1. Plaster of paris 
  2. Water
  3. Mixing Bucket or a mixing container
  4. Spatula


  1. Mix 1 pound of plaster of paris with 1 oz of water in a mixing bucket or  in a mixing container. Keep blending it till it becomes smooth with the spatula.
  2. Start mixing again and keep on adding water until you have that perfect density. To ensure the perfect consistency, you can follow the instructions given on the packet of plaster of paris.
  3. Before using plaster on the wall, try cleaning that wall with a bit of water. Then apply the plaster of paris and wait a few hours to harden itself.
  4. You can apply it again to give it a much smoother look. And now your walls are ready.

Here are some suggested plaster of paris for you to buy:

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Method 4: Using Clay To Make Plaster: 

Using clay to make plaster will take a bit more work than any of the other methods. While redoing your wall this texture can give your wall a different look. This is the all natural way to make plaster for your walls.

This clay plaster will give your walls one of a kind look. Moreover, clay plaster is way cheaper than any other process. But it’s a long process.

Things you’ll need

  1. Clay soil
  2. A shovel
  3. 3 Buckets
  4. Mesh
  5. Spray bottle
  6. Water


  1. To get the clay soil from the ground you have to dig down around two feet with a shovel.
  2. Get a bucket full of clay soil.
  3. Now fill ⅓ of another bucket with water. Now put the clay in that bucket until it’s full. 
  4. Blend well to get rid of the big chunks of soil. Then let it sit for 24 hours.
  5. Blend it again the next day for a better mixture.
  6. Get a new bucket and then put a mesh on it. Now strain the mixture into it. It will help to get rid of sand and rock
  7. In this step you’ll add fine sand in the mixture to get a plaster-like texture. And now your clay plaster is ready to use on a wall.
  8. Before using it on the wall try spraying some water to increase moisture of the wall.

If you are facing other problems like crumbling basement walls, you can go through that mentioned article.


Question: Can I plaster walls?

Answer: Yes you can plaster walls by yourself instead of calling a professional. Yes, it’s not an easy job but can be done by yourself and that can save you a good amount of money.

Question: Can I smooth walls without plastering?

Answer: Yes, you can smoothen walls without plastering. There are some steps to do that but that will take a lot of work.

Question: Can I plaster over old plaster?

Answer: Yes you can plaster over old plaster but for a better outcome you might need to call a professional. 


We have provided all the methods regarding how to make plaster for walls.

In this article, we have mentioned the 4 easiest and effective methods to make homemade plaster for walls. Follow any of these methods to get the job done.

Good luck on that!