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How To Lower Blinds With Four Strings [Step-by-Step Process]

You are trying to lower blinds with four strings instead of one or two.

And things are getting complicated for you? Afraid not.

You can easily do this job in a minute; this article will help you with that.

How to lower blinds with four strings?

To lower blinds that have four strings, you have to treat the strings gently. To lower the blinds, you have to grab four strings, pull them down a little, and gently leave them to lower. You can adjust them as you want.

I hope you have loved the preview. Now let’s get into the detailed article to solve the problem step by step!

Why Lowering The Blinds

Almost everyone has blinds in their homes. But many of us are unaware of the purpose of blinds. Blind serves our life in several ways. And lowering and maintaining blinds are essential as well.

Blinds and window coverings help us to protect our privacy by controlling what people from outside can see inside our homes. They also allow us to regulate the proportion of light we let in our homes. And yes, they make our homes more appealing.

Lowering blinds is pretty important because that helps us to control the light we let in. Lowering blinds is easy, just like opening or closing the blinds. While lowering the blinds, you have to be gentle.

So, lowering blinds gives complete control over the sunlight entering your room. And that’s why it’s essential to acknowledge the entire process ideally. Well, you can also make your house more attractive by hanging blinds in different manners or opting for custom window blinds. But for now, we will discuss lowering blinds.

4 Steps To Lower Blinds With Four Strings

How To Lower Blinds With Four Strings [Step-by-Step Process] 1

Lowering blinds is pretty easy if you go easy on them. Blinds with one or two strings are pretty easy to use. But blinds that have four strings can be confusing at times when it comes to lowering them.

Controlling blinds with four strings will be easy if you learn some easy tricks. I will recommend how to lower blinds with four strings in this article.

I will also show you a magic trick to cover odd-shaped windows with these blinds.

Let’s get into the step-by-step process:

Step1: Detecting the Pulling Strings

In the first step, you must detect all four pulling strings. In that case, you may find all four strings on one side, two on both sides, and two in the middle of two pairs of strings on both sides. You’ll be able to detect them easily.

All four strings are attached to the clutch, which does the moving mechanism of the blinds. After detecting these strings, we will get into the next step.

Step 2: Controlling Four Strings Altogether

In this step, you’ll have to grab all four strings together. Don’t rush to pull strings right now. You must control this step gently because pulling these strings might hardly cause problems. 

If the strings are in pairs on both sides, try grabbing them in both hands at the same time quickly.

Step 3: Lowering The Blinds

How To Lower Blinds With Four Strings [Step-by-Step Process] 2

To Release the lock, you’ll have to pull down all four strings together. And then, gently lower the blinds and adjust them. After having control of all four strings, you’ll have to release the lock and lower the blinds.

If there are no cords in the blinds, the work gets pretty easy. You’ll have to grab the bottom train and adjust the cordless blinds as you wish.

Following this method, you can lower the blinds halfway or even much lower. Adjust it in any position you like.

Step 4: Locking The Blinds

After lowering the blinds and adjusting them in the correct position, you’ll have to lock them. When you are done releasing the cords, gently pull the cords diagonally a little bit to lock in that position. Remember to do this while grabbing all four strings.

You’ll not have to do all this hard work for cordless blinds. You just grab the bottom train and leave them after lowering the blinds. No extra work is needed for that type of blind.

While lowering the blinds, if you somehow damage any strings, you can quickly fix the strings. Also, here are some recommended strings if you want to buy a new one:

Product 1
Product 2 

These are the reliable ones, and you can easily buy any of them.


Why aren’t my blinds going down?

It’s probably because the strings are stuck in the lock mechanism. You’ll have to pull the strings down a little bit, then release it gently, and then it’ll work.

Why do my blinds have four cords?

Typically blinds have one or two strings. But if your blinds are longer than usual, it needs three or four strings to balance the whole thing.

How to fix broken strings? 

You can fix broken strings by following some steps. But it’s better to call a professional in that case.