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How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door: 4 Simple Hacks

We all have locked sliding doors at least once in our lives. But, unfortunately, sliding doors might get locked from the inside. 

How to open a locked sliding glass door?

It’s not something complicated. For doing it yourself, we suggest you can start by applying force against the door. Or you can try to reach the keyhole from outside. You can also use a screwdriver. Or just simply call a locksmith.

This is only the summary of the entire operation. If you want more, however, you’ll need to spare a minute and read along.

We’ve got all unlocking tricks prepared for you. So, let’s find a way in!

How To Open A Locked Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are commonly used to divide a sunroom from the rest of the house. They’re popular in homes all across the world. But they have a variety of locking methods to keep you and your belongings safe. However, it’s harder to break keypad locks if you have any.

You may want to unlock a sliding glass door before going out on the terrace. For the first warm day of summer or relaxing in a sunroom.

We’ve come up with a few methods to help you unlock a locked sliding glass door. However, you’ll need a few tools for that. So let’s see what you need:

  • Any similar key
  • Pincher
  • Screwdriver (flat)

All these should be readily available in your house. 

Method 1: For Simple Sliding Door Locks

Depending on the door, it varies. You may push against the door for most entries. Then use pressure, vitality, and a few drops on the door. The locks usually fail in a matter of seconds, which allows you to easily slide the door open and get entry to your house. Or enter your bedroom without a key.

Even when the lock fails, most people place a wooden or stick along the tracks. A metal stick also does the job. This is done to prevent the door from being opened. Keep in mind that this lifting technique, however, only works with essential sliding door locks.

For a little more complicated locks, take a look at the following methods-. 

Method 2: Unlock Using Hacks 

This method consists of 3 steps that can lead you to open your locked doors. As the title suggests, this step includes no critical steps.

Step 1: Search for the Handle

Look for a latch near the door’s handle. Some models have a simple lever that is raised or lowered to lock or unlock the door. Move the latch-up or down. 

This depends on the model of your hatch. In this way, you can release the lock.

Step 2: Try to Unlock Disengage the Lock from outside

Check the top or bottom of the door for a lock. Some variants feature a lock that is attached to the door frame from the top or bottom. Or both sides. 

You might be able to unlock the locks by just pulling them open. Or, you could need a key. Before attempting to open the door, be sure all locks have been disengaged.

Step 3: Hacking into the Keyholes

Look for keyholes or latches in the door frame. Keyholes are occasionally located beneath or attached to the handle when the locks are installed

Latches can be found on the door frame. Or around where your thumb rests while grasping the Handle. Before attempting to slide the door open, unlock any locks or raise any latches.

If these steps do no good to you, you can always use the following method. They are super easy as well. 

Method 3: Look For Ways To Sneak In

You’ve locked yourself out. So you’ve to get in like any intruder. Well, on the positive side, you’ll find flaws in your security. 

Find a non-metallic item of at least two inches in diameter. Use this to insert into the keyhole on the door. A screwdriver or a metal ruler, for example, may work.

Open a nearby window to create a makeshift vent. You can use your lungs to heat the rod, so it’s more malleable and easier to insert.

Push the rod deep enough so you can grab it with one hand. Then open your other hand wide enough around the top of the door handle.

Place your palm on top of both handles and try pulling it down from above. Be careful not to hurt yourself by missing where they meet on “the dog-leg.”

Once the door moves in the direction you want. Press down on the rod to hold it in place while you remove your hand. 

That’s it, you’re done! Sneaky peaky!

Method 4: Call For Professional Support

To begin, dial a locksmith’s phone number. Then get your wallet out. Why waste so much time when you can get it done with a little bit of cash. 

That’s all the methods we could come up with. We hope that any of these steps will surely work for you. 

Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Sliding Glass Door

Locking yourself outside of your own glass doors is very unfortunate. You can see through your own house, but can’t get in. So to avoid this, follow a few tips that we suggest.

Keep a Backup Key

Always hide a backup key somewhere outside your house. It can be under a flower top outside your house. Or you can tie a key to a string. And hang it with any window flaps that aren’t easily noticeable. 

Share your Key

This applies only if you have a family member or a roommate. So if you’re locked outside, you can call them out or wait for them to come. 

So that’s how you can get inside a locked sliding glass door. 

We really hope this article helped you to unlock your sliding door. If you’ve any questions unanswered you can check the FAQ section.


Question: How can a sliding glass door be burglar-proofed?

Answer: If you want a simple answer, take anti-measures for the instructions we’ve provided you. Use blocking bars, security pins, a modernized alarm system, etc. 

Question: Which one is more preferable, a sliding door or a French door?

Answer: Sliding doors are more secure, easier to operate, and provide more space-saving options. Traditional French doors utilize a glass pack and insulated frames. Whereas sliding glass doors use a glass pack and insulated frames

Question: How can I keep my dog safe from sliding doors?

Answer: Use a glass door protector to keep your dog from running into the glass. You can use an easy-to-roll protective film. Or, a window film that reflects light. Your dog’s nails should be clipped and filed down. 

Summing Up

Congratulations! You’ve just known how to open a locked sliding glass door. The opening method above has been repeated more than 4 million times. And it’s actually approved by police departments and locksmiths alike. If you know what we mean. 

But that’s just a joke. The only thing remaining to do is put it to good use and that’s what we expect of you. Till then, all the best!