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How to Take Apart A Kenmore Washer: 5 Steps to Disassemble

You’ve never cleaned your washing machine since its purchase. You might’ve thought, why would a washer need cleaning? Well, now it stinks. 

And you can’t figure out how to disassemble it. I understand how confused you are.

How to take apart a Kenmore washer?

It’s pretty simple. First, you have to remove the control panel first with a putty knife. Next, take off the lid. Thirdly, put your foot against the body of the machine. And pull it off the washer. But there are tons of screws to be removed in between. This might vary depending on the Kenmore model.

To understand the process above, you need the details. And luckily, I have an entire article just on that. Without further ado, dive right in!

5 Steps to Take Apart Your Kenmore Washer

Home appliances should be cleaned a few times a year. The last thing you need is to panic over a machine not working because it’s dirty.

If you can clean your Kenmore dishwasher, you can clean your Kenmore washing machine too.

Here’s how you can do so in 5 easy steps:

Step-1: Removing The Console From Washer

First, turn off the power and water supplies. Taking a putty knife, slip it under the console. But that’s only if your washing machine’s console has springs instead of screws.

Now, take off the screwdrivers located on both sides. You’ll find it at the front console’s ends.

Step-2: Take off Clippings

Now, elevate the console. Keep it behind your washing machine. Check if there are any overstressed wires. 

Brass clippings attach the console to the washing machine. Insert your screwdriver between the clip and washer. 

Lift it up towards the end of the washer. And release the clips.

Step-3: Disconnect Connector Plug

This step is a safety measure. You have to disconnect the connector plug of your washer’s lid.

It’s located on top of the washer. It should have a white casing if your washer is a Model 110.

We are almost halfway there. 

Is the process seeming much similar to opening Whirlpool washers

Step-4: Taking Off Cabinet From Washer

Now, it’s time to take off the washer casing or cabinet. Lift the cover of the washer. Tightly grip the cabinet frame and tub.

Pull the casing towards yourself and whilst pushing it to the bottom for disconnecting. The casing will expose all the components of the washer.

Step-5: Removing Agitator

Tug the agitator firmly to pull it out. If you’re not strong enough to do that, no worries!

Tie a rope under the unit, and around the agitator. Then, pull it out. 

You’ll find a donut-shaped tub ring on the washtub top. Pry the tabs of the ring with a screwdriver. Be careful that they don’t break.

Lastly, remove the spanner nut under the agitator. And then take out its inner spin basket.

And that’s how to take apart a Kenmore or any kind of washing machine! Now you can tend to each vital part individually. After reassembling, resetting your Kenmore washer should freshen up your device.

Why Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

As we mentioned before, washing machines getting dirty can sound counterintuitive. As they are always filled with water and soap.

But because they always work with water and soap, there remain lots of residues. Such as soap residues, chemicals, and minerals from detergent. They get trapped within the washing machine. 

Later on, these create a thin film that entraps bacteria. These bacterias can further clog the inner mechanisms of your washer. 

Hence, your water won’t be getting hot and your detergent won’t be strong.

I should also mention that, according to design, washing machines have a  humid and hot environment. Which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

You might also get lingering detergent films, which traps particles of odor. Hence, you may start to stink. If it comes to the worst, your clothes will smell safe.

So, to prevent one less problem by even a bit, fragranced detergents can be helpful. There are tons of options, it can get overwhelming. I’ll help you choose.

Here are some of my favorite fragranced detergents:

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent SheetsIt’s biodegradable and skin sensitive 
TYLER Glamour Wash Laundry DetergentIt’s free of animal byproducts 

There’s nothing fresher than the smell of a pleasant detergent. And your clothes smelling fresh will also uplift your mood throughout the day.

Washing machines need maintenance to make the best out of their life cycle. So, take good care of your appliances. And you’re bound to get the most use out of them.


Safety measures should be taken while handling any electrical appliances. Here are some precautions you should take when handling a washing machine:

  • Before maintenance, unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Make sure pockets of clothes are empty. Hard and sharp objects can damage the appliance.
  • Turn off the water after use.
  • Before opening the door, make sure all water has been drained.
  • If the power supply cord is damaged, get it replaced by its manufacturer. Or a servicing agent.
  • Keep children away when the washing machine is running. The glass can get very hot.
  • Do not try repairing the machine by yourself.
  • Position your machine in such a way that the plug can be reached easily.
  • If you leave any kind of hairpin in the tub, it may cause rusting. Even if the tube is stainless steel, if rust appears, use a cleaning agent on the surface. Then use a soft cloth to clean.

This should help you prevent any unwanted accidents. Both for the appliance and its users.


Question: Why is my washer not draining?

Answer: Most likely, there might be a clogged pump. Or a hose. Check if there’s any small clothing item such as socks, that’s clogging them. If you can’t find any, it might be that the lid switch is defective.

Question: How long should a washing machine last?

Answer: Your washing machines should last you about 11 years on average. But it is suggested to replace any top load washes that were made before 1999.

Question: Do all washing machines have a reset button?

Answer: It depends on the company and model. Most washers would have a reset button. If yours doesn’t, unplug then replug your washer.  


That’s all I had to share. I hope I could teach you how to take apart a Kenmore washer. Home appliances make our life easier and hence should be taken care of often.

Also, I have a tip for you. After washing clothes in the machine, keep the door open for 15-30 minutes. This will prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Good Luck!