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2 Methods On How To Fix Uneven Grout Lines [A Simple Guide]

You’ve recently tiled your brand new house. But after a while, you notice that the grout lines are uneven. Moreover, it looks bad. So, you’re wondering what to do now. We’ll have a fix for you.

How to fix uneven grout lines?

There are two certain methods that you might find useful to fix the grout lines. You can scrub with vinegar or use sandpaper to smooth it out. Using a vinegar solution brush the grout lines. Then use a rag to wipe off leftovers. For the sandpaper method, rub it against the grout. You’ll see the excess grout falling, wipe it with a clean brush.

This was the rundown of the elaborate process we have below. If this piques your interest, we won’t keep you here long. Jump into the segment down below and enjoy!

How to Fix Uneven Grouts: 2 Simple Methods

Well, before we get to fixing your grout lines, put on your protective gears. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself. So, wear your gears before you move to the process. 

You can use vinegar or sandpaper for this process. We’ve explained the step-by-step process down below! So, let’s check these out. 

Note: Make sure you’re doing this within the first 2 days of grouting. Otherwise, it might dry and the process will take longer!  

Method 1 of 2: Fix The Uneven Grout Using Vinegar

This method is quite straightforward. However, you have to be very precise so that you don’t leave out any lines. Before we get to the process, we have mentioned the tools we’ll need.

Necessary Tools Required

This is the list of tools that you’ll need. These tools will make the fixing procedure easier to follow. Here goes:

  • A thin scrubbing brush or old toothbrush
  • Vinegar
  • A rag
  • A plain piece of plastic or plastic cards
  • Tile cleaner

Gathered all the equipment for this method? Great, now let’s even some uneven grout lines. 

Step 1 of 3: Use Vinegar To Scrub The Grout Lines

Pour some vinegar into a cup, and dip the scrubbing brush into the cup. Now start scrubbing the lines with your brush. Add light pressure to brush off the excess. 

Make sure to have enough vinegar in the line. This will help the vinegar to spread evenly and make the grouts damp. This will make the scraping much easier. Repeat this on all the grout lines. 

However, when scrubbing if you notice any gaps between the tile and wall. Don’t worry, filling the gaps is not an issue at all!

Step 2 of 3: Scrape Off Excess Grout

Now take your plastic card or hard plastic and scrap the excess grout. Although make sure to not scrape too hard. Otherwise, you might scrape off too much. 

Now repeat this process on all the lines. That is until you see that the excess grouts have come off. Before we move on, have a close look to ensure even lines.

Step 3 of 3: Clean Your Tiles Using A Rag

After making sure everything is precise and perfect, it’s time to clean. So, take your rag and wipe off all the excess grouts and vinegar from the tiles. 

After that, you can use a tile cleaner to clean off any dirt or debris. By the end of this process, you’ll have spotless tiles and even grout lines. 

However, if the grout lines are still not even, move on to our next method.

Method 2 of 2: Fix The Uneven Grout Using Sandpaper

This method is quite identical to the last one. However, for this one, we use a different component. For this process as well you should wear protective gear to prevent inhaling any dust. 

So let’s see how this works. 

Necessary Tools Required

Here we have a list of the accessories that you’ll need next to:

  • Sheet of drywall sandpapers
  • A broom
  • A brush
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Tile cleaner

If you gather these beforehand, you can get your work done easily. Plus you don’t have to move around too much!

Step 1 of 2: Use Sandpaper To Scrub The Grout Lines

Take a sandpaper and scrub the grout lines thoroughly. However, if you’re facing any issues finding good quality sandpaper, you can choose from here:

Product 1
Product 2

Now, using this, apply gentle pressure to work out the excess grout. However, make sure to not scrub too hard as you might ruin the tile.

Make sure you have time on your hands. Because depending on the area of your place, this might take all day! 

It’s just like how it takes longer to retile a bathroom because of smaller tiles. Similarly, the grout lines are very thin and all around the tile. So, make sure you scrub every line and that they’re even!

Step 2 of 2: Clean The Dirt & Debris 

After you’re done with the sandpapering, you need to clean all the fragments. Firstly, use a broom and wipe all those. Then take a grout powder buildup from the lines. After that, use the vacuum to clear everything out of the way.

Now, you can use a tile cleaner to clean your tiles. After this, they’ll look good as new. Moreover, you’ll have even grout lines. 

That’s basically how you can use either of these two methods to even grout lines. However, if your grout lines have dried down a bit, use the sandpaper method. This will be effective for hard surfaces!

How To Fix Uneven Dried Up Grout Lines?

If the 3-day limit has passed, and your grout lines are dry you need to regrout it. You have to completely remove the old grout using a power tool. Get yourself a good quality grout and layer it evenly. 

Make sure you let it cure and dry for the 3 days period. In the meantime, avoid walking on these tiles. After that, you’ll have yourself an evenly grouted line!

This is basically how you deal with uneven grouts! Evening out the grout line is important. This is because just like walking on an uneven pool, it might be too uncomfortable to walk.


Question: Can you put more grout over dried grout?

Answer: No, you can’t put more grout over dried grout. If you were planning to fill the cracks, then you could consider drywall repairs. This way you could fill those cracks in the grouts. Moreover, they mix well with old grouts so you won’t have a problem.

Question: How do you know when the grout is bad?

Answer: Check for any hard lumps or clumpiness in the packet. If you see any, then your grout has been exposed to air. The humidity and moisture caused the hard lumps. Hence using that might not have the same effect as a good one.

Question: How long does an open bag of grout last?

Answer: If the grout has been in an unopened package, it can be good for a year. But if the seal has been broken it’s going to last for a month or so. But if kept in an airtight container in a dry dark place, it can last longer.


Well, this brings us to the end of this segment. We hope you now know all the steps on how to fix uneven grout lines. If you can’t fix the grout lines with these methods, you should call a professional.

Anyway, good luck with your fix!

Hope we see you again!