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Gas Oven Turns On By Itself: 4 Reasons With Solutions

It can be quite spooky to turn around and see the gas oven on when you didn’t even touch it.

But before you jump to any bizarre conclusion let us inform you that there are many scientific reasons behind this.

You might ask why a gas oven turns on by itself when no one is around.

Most of the time it’s due to low maintenance. Like if your oven is too dirty or if there’s a faulty thermostat or power switch it can cause the oven to turn on its own. Other times the automated timer feature can also trigger the oven to turn on.

We know that we only listed the problem. But don’t worry, we have the solution stored up for you. So, stay tuned!

4 Reasons why gas oven turns on by itself

Gas Oven Turns On By Itself: 4 Reasons With Solutions 1

Ovens are a real lifesaver. You can whip up a quick meal whenever you want. But at times they can be a huge pain. Like the oven can smell like a dead mouse. Or it can automatically turn on.

It’s all troublesome to deal with. But today we’ll focus on the reason why the gas oven turns on by itself.

Here are the reasons:

Reason 1: Self-timer feature

Nowadays you have so many options. You can transform a sunroom into a bedroom or switch to an automated oven.

Yeah, the experts have taken ovens to such a level where its starting time can also be preset. Isn’t that cool?

Gas Oven Turns On By Itself: 4 Reasons With Solutions 2

This way you can set the timer in the oven and go out for a walk . And once you return home you’ll have a warm meal waiting in the oven for you. And you can enjoy a warm meal right after you get home.

However, if you forget to switch off the timer it’ll start on its own even if there’s no food in the oven. Now, don’t get all pumped up hearing this. Because on a really bad day this can continue for long hours before the oven finally gives in and explodes.

Solution: Make sure the safe timer option is turned off

Hence, you need to be very careful about this feature. Make sure you turn your Alexa smart oven off whenever you don’t need it.

You see, careful observation is all you need to tackle this situation. 

Reason 2: A greasy and filthy oven

Another reason for seeing a gas oven turning on by itself is dirt. And we know it gets annoying to see stuff like dirty ovens or soot on the toilet seat. But at the end of the day it has to be taken care of.  

Otherwise, your oven will get too dirty and will trigger the oven to turn on.

This happens when lumps of food gather upon your oven. Then it forms a solid chunk of mass. Afterward, the lump of food slowly claws their way to the start button.

And because the food is so heavy by this point the oven actually turns on. Now, the best part is this issue can be dealt with quite easily.

Solution: Clean the dirt thoroughly

To resolve the issue all you have to do is keep the oven clean. Now for this, all you need is some warm water and a strong detergent. Or you can use homemade items to create an oven cleaning mixture.

Scrub and rub the oven till it’s squeaky clean and your problem will be solved. Yep, it’s that easy.

Reason 3: A faulty thermostat

Gas Oven Turns On By Itself: 4 Reasons With Solutions 3

Now, if you have a neat and clean oven then you might want to check the thermostat. Majority of the time the thermostat turns out to be faulty.

And that causes the oven to get ignited. So, it ends up switching on by itself.

Now, to check to see the condition of the thermostat, you need a multi-meter. Once you have it attach it to the thermostat and check the reading. If it gives a reading above zero then it’s working.

However, if you don’t see a reading, then bingo. Your thermostat is officially dead.

Solution: Replace the thermostat

So, to fix the issue you have to replace the thermostat. Now, you might think of fixing it, but it’s usually not worth it.

The price and hassle are simply too much. So, get a new one and your oven will be up and running again like it used to.

Reason 4: Problem with the start-up switch

One more problematic area is the startup button. You see, the start button is what gets the oven started.

But you need a lot of pressure to turn the start knob. And anything other than your hand is not capable of such strength. However, a small leak in the knob can let gas flow in your oven.

Afterward, you’ll find that the oven is ignited and working on its own.

Solution: Fix the switch

As for the solution, you have to get a repairer to fix the switch for you. But while he is on his way make sure you turn off the gas power source to avoid any danger.


Question: Why do I smell gas when I turn on the oven?

Answer: When you turn on the oven, the burner is activated. The burner works on gas. So, when combustion of the gas occurs, you get to smell gas, which is normal.

Question: Can gas ovens explode?

Answer: A small spark can cause a massive explosion if there is a leak in the gas oven. But the chances of this happening are meager because most modern ovens come with many safety features that prevent these sorts of incidents.

Question: How can I tell if my gas oven is leaking?

Answer: To check for leaks, apply hot soapy water in the suspected area and then wait to see if they form bubbles. If you do see bubbles then your gas oven is leaking gas.

Ending words

Well, this brings us to the end of our article.

That’s all the reason why a gas oven turns on by itself. And see no ghost was involved in this story.

So, you can rest assured because your house is not haunted. Have a good night’s sleep now.

Take care. Adios!