Wire Gauge & Ampacity Basics: Guide to Select The Right Wire Size

wire gauge and ampacity guide

While setting up the wiring of a residence or commercial entity, one of the primary concerns is to select the safest cable. But for anyone who’s new to the industry, deciphering all the ratings, numbers and conventional metrics can be pretty tough.  In this 3-chapter guide, we’ve taken a handy approach to simplify the process … Read more

Water Heater On Bricks [Reasons & Processing]

water heater on bricks

Uncontrolled rust in the water heater’s bottom can be quite a devastating issue to deal with. There are also worries about fire hazards from water heaters. Why people put water heaters on bricks? Putting a water heater on brick is usually done to protect the bottom from rust. It safeguards the metal body from moisture … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

Cost To Build 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

This is one of the most common questions asked by home buyers. We will cover all costs in this article, including labor and material. It is hard for homeowners to know how much they need to save up in order to build their dream home. The price of the building varies depending on the size … Read more

Be Aware of Americast Princeton Tub Problems

americast princeton tub problems

You probably heard that Americast Princeton tubs are really good. But as good as it sounds, it comes with a few problems too. It’s ideal to be aware of these whether you’re purchasing one or you already have one. What are the Americast Princeton tub problems? Customers all over the world complained about the tub’s … Read more

5-Step Dishwasher Vacuum Breaker Installation Guide

dishwasher vacuum breaker

You’ve been using a dishwasher in your house for quite a long time. It was all okay till a problem took place. You suddenly noticed dirty dishwater siphoned backward from the drain. But you find online that a vacuum breaker can solve this issue.  How to install a dishwasher vacuum breaker?  If you’ve basic technical … Read more

3 Steps To Perform Transformer Continuity Test

transformer continuity test

Performing a transformer continuity test can be hectic. You might have searched the whole internet but found out nothing.  Can you perform a transformer continuity test?  Yes, It is possible to perform a transformer continuity test. There are three steps to conduct the transformer continuity test. But before conducting the test, you need to consider … Read more

Fleck 2510 vs 5600: What Is The Best For You?

fleck 2510 vs 5600

Water softeners are a great addition to any house. Especially if you’re concerned about the quality of water in your house. They help remove additional chemicals from your water, giving you a fresh supply.  Choosing the right water softener is important. A good softener not only provides consistent quality but is also easy to use. … Read more