How to Keep Mice Out of Boat: The Quick and Easy Solution

How to Keep Mice out of Boat

Mice are one of the curious creations of nature. These pesky little animals use their quickness and biting capabilities for two reasons. Discomfort and annoyance! Unfortunately, the problem is more pronounced during the winter season. These rodents get inside your leisure boats. The rest is just too sad to say out loud. So, how to … Read more

Pressure Washing Limestone: How to do it!

Pressure Washing Limestone

Limestone, even a few years back were luxurious. Limestone floors and shower counters weren’t that easy to find. Even though it’s still true to some extent, limestone counters and flooring are creeping slowly into the houses of the average consumer. It’s becoming a commodity rather than a luxury. And that’s where the problem starts. Alluvial … Read more

How to Clean Electronic Air Filter: A Guide for Noobs

How to Clean Electronic Air Filter

Indoor air quality is often a matter of concern, especially when spring hits. Air filtration systems are very useful in such scenarios. But, like any other physical device, it needs proper cleaning. And if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing, then you may end up sacrificing the integrity of your entire air conditioning … Read more